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Fast, Reliable & Smart Registrations for your attendees

Accept registrations for your event faster and better from any part of the continent and collect payments for paid events via secure channels by Card, USSD, Bank Transfer and even Crypto payments all through an encrypted network.

Fast Onsite check-in with dedicated agents and attendee badges

Our dedicated team of onsite registration checkers ensure no attendee spends more than they should at the registration verification checkpoints (RVC's). Our well organised badges and colorful lanyards gives the appearance and feel needed to please and captivate.

Speaker Management & Engagement Solutions

Our speaker management tool allows you conveniently create a call for speaker application, accept and reject speaker applications, share audience demography with speakers, review and approve speaker slides and allow speakers create and respond to live polls and questions during their sessions.

Live Polls & Surveys for Attendee Engagement

Collect live polls and surveys from your audience during a session or fireside chat without interupting the speakers. Our poll and survey tools allows you to effectively run an all-inclusive event that caters for all audiences; introverts and extroverts alike. Everyone matters!

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Our flexible pricing offers you an affordable rate tailored to your event size and expected audience population.


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We charge a standard commission fee of 5% per tickets under N2000 and 5% + N100 for tickets from N2000 and above. If you have any inquiries concerning our services, contact support and an agent would get back to you

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