Event Services

Drone Hiring

We provide you with an opportunity for drone services to capture your events and provide both organizers and attendees overall unique experience.

Ticket wristbands and smart badges

We make customized ticket wristbands, badges, and lanyards for registered prospects and attendees. This is to make it easier to identify event attendees.

Vendor sourcing

We provide you with access to numerous event vendors to take care of event services like decoration, event rentals, security and hospitality, catering and chefs and so much more.

Event Success Manager

Our event success manager provides your event planning team with personalised insights when planning your next events. With 24/7 event monitoring and insightful research, we ensure your event plans are apt and effective from budgeting to general event execution.

Event Marketing & Publicity

We unite with event organizers and event planners to create a buzz on the said event using our marketing team, platforms, and templates.

Offline ticket sales personnel

Our offline event ticket staff ensures you can have the extra hands you need to easily register and check-in your attendees at the venue within seconds without delay or hassle..