Ticket Sales & Event Registrations

Accept event registrations and sell tickets faster

Customizable registration forms

Secured payments via Card, Bank & USSD

Create payment links for event promoters

Create time-based coupons for faster sales

eventpady ticket sales

Easily create and share event regstrations

Create stunning event landing pages and accept registrations from your attendees all over the world. Share your event pages with your connections and convert page visitors to event attendees in seconds.

Securely receive payments from USSD, Debit Cards & Bank Deposits

Our secure payment gateways integrated to eventpady allows you to now receive quick payments from your event attendees via varius platforms faster and better than before.

eventpady ticket sales
eventpady ticket sales

Easily manage event registrations

Monitoring who registers for your event and understanding your audience demography is very important that is why we provide the data in the easiest way possible.

Quickly view registration analytics

Create personalised reports for each event registrations and quickly request withdrawals from your event wallet.

eventpady ticket sales

Use Cases

Concerts & Outdoor Events

A variety of entertainment concerts, musical concerts, gigs, jam sessions, poetry slams, shows, festivals, raves, beach parties, and gospel concerts.


Covering a wide range of conferences, from academic conferences, economic conferences, business conferences, agricultural conferences, medical conferences, tech conferences and so much more.


Accept registrations for your online seminars, lectures, workshops, training, meetings, and interviews. Export registration data and use in marketing campaigns or any other purpose


Partnering for all seminars, as well as, training and symposiums for business, tech, educational, medical/public health, catering/ baking, and workshop.

How it works

Our flexible pricing offers you an affordable rate tailored to your event size and expected audience population.


Create Free Event

Start by creating your event on eventpady. It takes less than 5 minutes.


Choose Plan

Subscribe to any of our premium packages for your event or stick with the free version


Let's Begin

Whether free or premium, you can start accepting registrations & selling tickets ASAP!


We charge a standard commission fee of 5% per tickets under N2000 and 5% + N100 for tickets from N2000 and above. If you have any inquiries concerning our services, contact support and an agent would get back to you

Start by creating your free event and view our premium plans tailored to suit your event needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay a fee before I can accept registrations for my event?

No, you don't. Registrations can be collected and tickets can be sold with our basic(free) subscription plan. You can subscribe to our premium packages whenever you have decided to proceed with using other technology products that we provide for your event.

How do I accept payments for my event?

After an event has been created, you can proceed to create a ticket plan that allows your attendees register and make payment based on the ticket price. All payments are automatically credited to your event wallet which you have access to withdraw from 24/7.

Can my attendees pay at the venue and still get registered?

Yes, they can. Eventpady has a feature called "Registration Bypass" that allows you collect payments manually at the venue and register your attendees for your event. This ensures that every attendee can be registered for your event effectively through our system.