Event Management Software for Event Organisers

Our personalised event technology solution allows event organisers create and manage their events,
accept registrations, increase event engagements and improve the general event experience for their attendees

Securely receive event payments from USSD, Debit Cards & Bank Deposits

Our secure payment gateways integrated to eventpady allows you to now receive quick payments from your event attendees via varius platforms faster and better than before.

eventpady ticket sales
eventpady custom registration

Create Custom Registration Forms for Attendees

You can now collect custom registration information from your attendees with unlimited questions and answer options. Easily build multiple plan types with unique questions for exhibitors, attendees, sponsors etc.

Monitor, Export & Share Event Analytics

Easily create unique event reports based on prefernces you would want to be seen by your event stakeholders. Share the reports in real time and collaborate effectively.

eventpady reports
eventpady speaker management

Speaker Management & Engagement Solutions

Our speaker management tool allows you conveniently create a call for speaker application, accept and reject speaker applications, share audience demography with speakers, review and approve speaker slides and allow speakers create and respond to live polls and questions during their sessions.

Live Polls, Question App & Speaker Ratings

Increase attendee engagement with live polls and surveys that understands your audience's opinions, question app that allows your attendees ask their questions without disrupting your speakers & speaker ratings and feedbacks

eventpady speaker rating

What event are you planning?

Eventpady Event Coverage

Covering a wide range of conferences, from academic conferences, economic conferences, business conferences, tech conferences and so much more

Eventpady Event Coverage

A variety of entertainment concerts, musical concerts, gigs, jam sessions, poetry slams, shows, festivals, raves, beach parties, and gospel concerts.

Eventpady Event Coverage

Building smart meetings for your companies, establishments, businesses, organizations. Including interviews, summits, and conventions.

Eventpady Event Coverage

Partnering for all seminars, as well as, training and symposiums for business, tech, educational, medical/public health, catering/ baking, and workshop.

Eventpady Event Coverage

We provide you with the right technology tools for your online seminars, lectures, workshops, online chat sessions, and interviews.

Eventpady Event Coverage

We also provide out-of-the-box event services to other event types such as special wedding invitations, rentals and hiring, and so much more event services

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Drone Hiring

We provide you with an opportunity for drone services to capture your events and provide both organizers and attendees overall unique experience.

Ticket wristbands & badges

We make customized ticket wristbands, badges, and lanyards for registered prospects and attendees. This is to make it easier to identify event attendees.

Event Marketing & Publicity

We unite with event organizers and event planners to create a buzz on the said event using our marketing team, platforms, and templates.